Why school esports?

Playing video games is fun. But playing online multiplayer games against teams from other schools, just like a physical sports league is a great way to bring your gaming skills up a level. The XeonFuel Esports League gives students an online platform to challenge their peers across the nation while learning powerful teambuilding and communication skills. helping them balance esports with school and other commitments, so eligible students can engage in some serious play.

What is a Esport?

Also known as electronic sports, esports is a form of competition that is facilitated through computer gaming. Most commonly, esports takes the form of organized, multiplayer online video game competitions. These competitions often incorporate live broadcasts with commentary and award prize money to competitors. Esports is also one of the fastest growing sports in the world.

What are the common team sizes for esports titles?
  • Clash Royale | Supercell
    • 1 player versus 1 player
    • 2 players versus 2 players
  • Rocket League | Psyonix
    • 2 players versus 2 players
    • 3 players versus 3 players

Game Titles with Supervision | Open Communication (aka T for Teen)

  • Smash Ultimate | Nintendo
    • 1 player versus 1 player
    • 2 players versus 2 players
    • Crew versus Crew, where a crew typically has 4 players
  • Fortnite | Epic Games
    • Varies, dependent on tournament format
    • Typically 1-4 players per team
  • League of Legends | Riot Games
    • 5 players versus 5 players
  • Call of Duty | Activision
  • 5 players versus 5 players

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